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Billy Black Electrical Ltd are Certified Installers of the NEDAP Power Router system. A combination which puts our clients in full control of their Green Generated Electricity.

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The PowerRouter


The PowerRouter is an intelligent energy management system, combining a solar inverter and a battery management system in one unit. This all-in-one solution allows owners to make maximum use of the solar energy generated by their own system. With its unique technology, the PowerRouter controls whether the energy is used as it is produced, stored in batteries for later use or fed back to the grid.




With energy prices going up and feed-in tariffs going down, self-consumption of solar energy is becoming more and more attractive. By storing surplus solar energy in batteries for later use the self-consumption of solar energy can be increased up to 70% (compared to 30% with a standard inverter). By using most of the self- generated energy at home rather than exporting it to the grid, energy bills can be reduced and system owners can become independent from rising energy prices.


Additional loads


To increase self-consumption even more, the PowerRouter is now also equipped with a feature that switches on additional loads when the batteries are fully charged and there still is a surplus of solar energy available. For example, a water heater or boiler can be prepared and switched on. This basically means that self-use is being maximised and feeding back to the grid is reduced to a minimum. This can be very advantageous, especially since the feed-in tariff is lower than the electricity tariff.


Intelligent consumption monitoring


The myPowerRouter.com webportal enables users to remotely manage and monitor their PowerRouter. This means they have clear insight into the production of generated solar energy as well as in the household’s energy consumption. Furthermore, myPowerRouter.com allows installers to remotely monitor the performance of all registered and connected PowerRouters. This helps avoid unnecessary service calls and makes it easy to keep the system up to date.


Installer friendly


For the installer the PowerRouter is easy to install. No extra inverters or cables are required. Simply connect the solar panels, batteries, loads and grid to the PowerRouter. Thanks to the unique "connect & grow" capability the PowerRouter owner can start small with just the solar inverter and add storage of solar energy (with the PowerRouter Battery Manager & additional set of batteries) at a later time.

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